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The current government of the Province of Ontario has gone on the public record as wanting to close its coal-fired electricity generators and at the same time the government has postponed nuclear power plant construction. These two factors combined place enormous pressure on the ability of Ontario to stay ahead of the electricity consumption curve and meet demand.

Without serious infrastructure investment in additional capacity projects Ontario residents and businesses will be left with no choice but to face the consequences. Even more challenging for the government is that if it opts for more green solutions such as wind or solar and yes, even Natural Gas, these technologies will deliver electricity that costs multiples more to supply than the technologies they will be replacing.

In light of this the government is passing the costs along onto consumers. They will accomplish this through "Time of Use" metering which will replace the traditional flat rate cost model we have enjoyed for decades. Currently time of use rates are effective during the following time intervals;
- Off peak hours
- Medium peak hours
- On peak hours

What will this mean to businesses? Well, if you can't defer your electricity consumption to a lower-cost time period, then your electricity costs will significantly increase during peak periods. Let us help you offset this new significant increase in your operating costs.

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